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Main Features



  • Single frequency to wide RF bandwidth

  • High spectral purity

    • Low phase noise and low spurious

  • Fast settling time

Up and down converters

  • Up to 30 GHz

  • Based on chain analysis simulation

  • Use most updated components


Click on prodcuts to see a simplified block diagram


1. Digital single PLL using various synthesizer ICs from VHF to     40 GHz

2. Dual PLL 3-3.2 GHz with excellent phase noise

3. Direct analog synthesizer 7.3-8.0GHz, switching time                 100nS.

4. DDS/PLL 10-18 GHz, 1 deg. RMS, 30 uS.

5. VHF and UHF synthesizers with 2-point FM modulation

6. Designed, produced and sold thousands of sampling PLLs       at frequencies from 500 MHz to 24 GHz


  • Solutions

    • Suggest and improve existing designs

    • Provide block diagrams

    • Run simulations

  • Support internal team

  • Contracting

    • Concept

    • Design

    • Manufacturing

    • Testing


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