• Based out of San Mateo, California

  • 30+ years experience in hands-on design and development of RF and microwave hardware and systems 

  • Expertise in synthesizers, telecom systems, transmitters and receivers, from HF to Millimeter-wave, 2MHz to 40GHz, Hi-Rel. military to low cost consumer design for wireless products. 

  • Specialization in Frequency sources such as PLL and direct synthesizers, CROs, VCOs and crystal oscillators

  • Originator of the commercial sampling PLL




  • Analyzing synthesizer specifications per system requirements

  •  Simulations experience:

    •  Syscalc chain analysis

    •  Analog Devices SimPLL

    •  Hittite PLL design

    •  Self developed spreadsheet simulators

  •  Designs: Digital Integer and fractional-N PLL, sampling PLL, Dual PLL, DDS, direct analog synthesizers

  •  Components: Vast knowledge and experience with best CROs, VCOs, Synthesizer chips, phase detectors, frequency dividers, TCXOs, OCXOs and low noise voltage regulators