You can come to me at any time and phase of your project, whether you just know that there is a need for a frequency source, or a technical solution to tough specifications, finding and using the right components, trobleshooting problems in existing product or full contracting for design and production



  • Create adequate design based on system requirements and technical approach

  •  Provide simplified block diagram as a first step, then a detailed block diagram specifying components

  •  Complete real-time simulations regarding phase noise, spurious and settling time

Support internal team


  • Work with team to complete product

  •  Act as a resident expert for problem solving and troubleshooting

  •  Assist in component procurement

  •  Advise on testing procedures and methods

  •  Manage team if needed



  • Analyze system requirements to set-up specifications

  •  Come-up with solution that will offer:

    •  Best performance/cost design

    •  Based on available components

    •  Block diagram

  •  Detailed proposal to customer includes

    •  Perform detailed block diagram and schematic

    •  Perform professional layout design

    •  Perform housing design

    •  Manufacture and test prototypes

    •  Perform volume production including tests