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Kuti Josefsberg is offering training course on frequency sources

The course includes:

  • Main topics

  • Live simulations demonstrations,

  • Step-by-step design examples,

  • Evaluation board operation (Option: Depends on lab facility availability),

  • Participants own product design support.


Main Topics

  1. Frequency sources: General

  2. Negative Feedback control loop

  3. The basic PLL

  4. Main PLL Components:

  5. Main PLL parameters:

  6. Frequency source performance effects on communication systems

  7. PLL types: Single loop, dual loop, Triple loop, Integer & Fractional-N, Sampling PLL

  8. Non-PLL sources: DDS, Fast direct analog synthesizer, DDS+PLL combination

  9. Practical design guidelines:

  •     Simulations and Simulators

  •     Switching time Speedup

  •     Cycle slipping phenomena and prevention

  •     Voltage regulators importance

  •     Active loop filter design considerations

  •     Clock levels to PD

  •     VCO isolation

  •     Parasitic noise sources

  •     Problems and troubleshooting


Course can be of 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.

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